Derek runs our traditional butchers’ shop which sits within the farm retail shop.

You can contact him directly on: 01833 694395

NEXT DAY COURIER SERVICE available for meat deliveries throughout the UK. We use Woolcool insulated sustainable packaging, with 100% sheep’s wool, proven to keep contents consistently colder and fresher for longer, ensuring goods and packaging arrive in peak condition. More efficient than polystyrene.

100% Grassfed Shorthorn Beef  On the family farm we have our own certified organic and certified pasture for life shorthorn (see our farm page), these have been reared and finished on the rich clover pastures of Brignall without any supplementary feeding. The grass fed diet leads to a creamy soft yellow coloured sweet tasting fat which is higher in Omega 3 oils. This is one of the lesser known health benefits of grass fed traditional rare breed meat. It also has a rich natural source of Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA). The end product is marbled beef giving the meat a unique flavour, being succulent and tender.

Rarebreed Pork – We stock our own rarebreed pork from the family farm.

Lamb – We have organic lamb on the family farm and we occasionally get organic lamb from Steven Pierson, Hook House Farm, Northallerton

Chicken – We get our organic chicken from Piercebridge Organic Farm only 13 miles away, and we also stock non organic Herb Fed Chickens from North Yorkshire as an alternative.

Cross Lanes’s own products The meat from the rare breed pigs makes fantastic succulent sausages and bacon.  We dry cure our own bacon and gammons, these are very popular with our customers, particularly after they’ve sampled the bacon in our breakfast in the cafe. All our sausages, burgers and kebabs are made with our own homemade seasoning recipes, the chefs work closely with the butchers continuously developing new recipes.