We have a commercial ‘recycled’ greenhouse on site, with raised beds and paths running throughout. We grow a wide variety of fresh organic home grown produce in the greenhouse, which is harvested and used in the kitchens by our chefs to make or accompany delicious dishes for the restaurant.

We grow a lot of salad crops, such as tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, lettuce, courgettes and herbs. Peter likes to grow a lot of interesting foods such as edible flowers, grapes, apricots, figs, turmeric and much more.

The greenhouse itself was formally Butterfly World in Tow Law, which we dismantled and re-erected it at Cross Lanes, giving it a complete refurb.

Permaculture heating system – Incorporated into the greenhouse is a thermal store system where waste heat produced during the day, instead of evacuated outside, is blown underground through a network of pipes. These pipes transfer heat into the soil itself, which is then released by a reverse fan when night time temperatures dip to a point where produce could sustain frost damage.

With recycling at the fore front as always, many ‘waste food containers’ from the kitchen become an asset to the greenhouse as plant and seed pots.